REWE X-Mas Microsite

REWE microsite
„x-mas card“

During Christmas time published REWE a movie, the story of a little boy and his friendship with a snowman.

The idea
At a microsite a greeting message can be personalized, written and sent to friends and family. This contains scenes and characters from the film and provides bounce options for Facebook Advent, to newsletter subscription and TVC.

The user creates a video with personal touch by connecting via webcam and putting his face into a christmas ball scene. This video can be saved or shared. Further more the TVC can be watched and is possible to download the song.

The Client
The REWE Group is the second largest supermarket chain in Germany behind EDEKA.

Art Direction, Concept, Interaction Design, Motion Design
Pasquale Pretzsch (Concept, Design, Idea); Martin Wiesemborski (Concept, UX, Idea); Laura Zabel (Idea, Copy)

Three steps to your christmas card.

Step one
Choose between single man, single woman or couple.

Step two
Upload your pictures or make one on your webcam. Put in your name and that’s it.

Step three
After a few seconds of rendering your video you can share it, send it to someone special or just download it for yourself.

What else is possible on the microsite
You can watch the TVC, download the awesome REWE christmas song, see what’s going on at the REWE Facebook page or stay informed by subscribe to the newsletter.